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XMLwriter Screenshots

User Interface

click here to view a full size screenshot

Click here for a full size screenshot of the XMLwriter user interface.

Intelligent Entry Helpers

Entry Helpers

Above is a screenshot of the XML Entry Helper. The XML Entry Helper displays a list of elements defined in the assigned DTD or XSD XML Schema document. As you navigate through your XML document, the Entry Helper displays, in bold, elements that are allowed at the cursor position according to the DTD or Schema.

The XML Entry Helper automatically inserts REQUIRED and FIXED attributes, and displays an Attribute Entry Helper for IMPLIED and ENUMERATED attributes.

The XML Entry Helper displays the available entities defined in the DTD and the W3C XML specifications.

TagBar in Tree Layout Mode


TagBarTM is a tool that allows you to compose an XML document based on an existing DTD or XML Schema. In Tree layout mode, TagBar displays the DTD/XML Schema as an expandable element tree. This tree shows all the elements defined in the DTD/XML Schema, their relationships and attributes. Flat layout mode displays an alphabetical list of all of the elements defined in the DTD/Schema including their child elements and attributes. TagBarTM supports W3C XML Schemas (XSD), XML-Data Reduced Schemas (XDR), and Document Type Definitions (DTD).

Code Snippets

Code Snippets

The Code Snippets feature allows you to drag and drop pre-produced code directly onto a document window. XMLwriter includes six Snippet files:

  • XML-DTD Reference
  • XSD Schema Reference
  • XSLT Reference
  • XHTML Reference
  • HTML Reference
  • HTML Entities

These Snippet files contain all of the elements listed in their respective W3C specifications. You can edit the existing Snippets, add new Snippets, or create your own Snippet files.

Project Management

Project Management

  • Creating projects in XMLwriter allows you to:
    • Group files with the same file extension together.
    • Perform batch validation and XSL transformation on individual folders or the entire project.
    • Select specific stylesheets for individual folders or the entire project.
    • Specify the destination of output files for individual folders or the entire project.
  • XMLwriter projects are written in XML, therefore can be easily edited.

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"Great piece of software! I use it every day, it's stable, fast and easy to use."
- BM (Netherlands)

"Easy to learn. It takes me five minutes to be fully operational with your products. Good online documentation, especially the XML guide. The more I use your product, the more I like it."
- SC (Canada)

"XMLwriter makes my rainy day because it provides the most efficient and convenient course through all the formatting, validating, transforming, and styling issues."
- AA (Germany)

"I've been trying other editors but yours is by far the most intuitive. Your tutorials are very well done and the interface is easy to understand."
- JI (Czech Republic)

"Awesome program, nice layout. Very professional graphical user interface."
- BB (USA)

"XMLwriter is still my favorite XSL XML editing software. A State-of-art software, well done and thanks."
- JN (Egypt)

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