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Customer Feedback

Since XMLwriter's release in August 1999, we have received thousands of emails from people telling us why they like (even love!) XMLwriter. We have listed some of those emails below so that customers that took the time to email us can help save you some time and money.

We endeavor to provide our customers with the best customer service possible. To our pleasant surprise we receive several emails each week praising our technical support team and customer service. We would like to share some of these with you so that you can feel confident in purchasing a product with a terrific support team behind it.

If you would like to tell us what you think about XMLwriter or what features you would like to see included in future versions, please send us your feedback.

General User Comments

"I've recently started coming up-to-speed on XML at which time I was introduced to your product and I wanted to congratulate you on a job well done. I've been working with Visual C++ for about 5 years now and using XMLwriter was a snap. The editor and the help system are top notch. Keep up the good work."
- RM (USA)

"Your product is great. We use XSL to format output of XML data, and your tool makes this task very easy."
- AR (Germany)

"Just a short one to say what a great product in XMLwriter your company has. I've been searching for some time now for a decent XML editor of this nature. It's great pleasure to see that a software company, such as yourselves, have produced a clean/tidy, well documented program, unlike most others I've seen."
- CS (S.Africa)

"Easy to learn. It takes me five minutes to be fully operational with your products. Good online documentation, especially the XML guide. The more I use your product, the more I like it."
- SC (Canada)

"XMLwriter kicks ass! There really isn't anything else like it out there. I must have looked at 10 different products, and I thought yours stood out above them all."
- CL (USA)

"Excellent product, light weight, fast, does the job."
- AH (UK)

"Cool product, saved me countless hours already."
- CM (UK)

"First of all, this product is excellent! I have been using XMetaL for 4 months now the functionality you offer is at least on a par, for a fraction of the price."
- MO (Netherlands)

"I prefer XMLwriter over more complex products like XMLSpy."
- JE (USA)

"An excellent tool for end-to-end XML development."
- FS (USA)

"XMLwriter is an excellent program and has become invaluable since i started to utilize XML/XSLT in my own web applications."

"Praise: Excellent highlighting and very very smart tabs!"
- MM (Slovenia)

"XMLwriter makes my rainy day because it provides the most efficient and convenient course through all the formatting, validating, transforming, and styling issues."
- AA (Germany)

"I think your product is excellent and have recommended it to many others. It does all the basics with a full feature set at an affordable price."
- MS (USA)

"I have used a trial version of XMLwriter and reviewed all it has to offer on your web site. I am used to dealing with software development on a project level (using Visual Studio) so I love the way XMLwriter gives you a project, MDI, and third party tools support, debugging and workspace windows."
- MB (USA)

"I was so impressed with XMLwriter that I bought my own personal copy. I especially liked the fact that your product preserves whitespace so religiously, even in the element attributes where you legally don't have to. Your competitors take many liberties with whitespace even when they claim to preserve them. They fail to realize some people may still need to see their data with a simple editor like emacs or vi and whitespace preservation is extremly important in keeping the data human readable. I have also noticed a refreshing lack of extraneous files and processor instructions generated by your product. I you do in fact have them you must graciously hide them from me or only have them spring into existance when needed. Your price is right and your timely response to my e-mail was also appreciated."
- JD (USA)

"I have used XMLwriter for over a year and LOVE it."
- BG (USA)

"Your program is beautiful! It has all of the strength of a Microsoft developer studio product!"
- GC (USA)

"Absolutely great product. Solid as a rock."
- TH (Denmark)

"I have found that XMLwriter is a user-friendly environment in which to author large XML files. I like the TagBar in particular."
- DS (UK)

"I find XMLwriter a great product for "real" web development! Keep up the good work!"
- AM (UK)

"I really have to say, you guys are the best! I tried XMLwriter first and liked it. Since then, you wouldn't believe all the goofy-assed XML editors, engines, whatever, you-name-it products I've tried. And your Web information keeps getting better and better also. Sometimes, simple is better and less is more; I really feel that's the case here. I voted for XMLwriter (in fact I nominated it) in the ZD awards. The only products which come close would be the ones by Extensibility (which I also purchased). Their problem is that, being written entirely in Java, screen renderings are inconsistent (flickering and ghost images when dragging). XMLwriter is entirely straightforward, consistent and very fast."
- AK (USA)

"XMLwriter is still my favorite XSL XML editing software. A State-of-art software, well done and thanks."
- JN (Egypt)

"The help for XMLwriter is top-notch. I'm just starting to get into XML and your tool is a great help."
- JS (USA)

"Nice program....just what I needed to learn XML with. Thanks."
- RB (Australia)

"This is an excellent tool for XML. The tutorials, examples that you have provided are excellent."
- VK (USA)

"Hey! I'm having a LOT of fun with the trial version of XMLwriter!"
- PR (USA)

"Awesome program, nice layout. Very professional graphical user interface."
- BB (USA)

"XMLwriter is the best all round XML productivity solution we have found."
- SL (UK)

"I am extremely impressed with XMLwriter. It stands head and shoulders above the competition for XML/XSL creation and validation."
- KC (UK)

"I downloaded a copy of XMLwriter at work a couple of days ago and I'm already impressed. I do most of my "regular" authoring in Homesite, so I found your product very comfortable (similar layout). I've been trying other editors, but yours is by far the most intuitive. Your tutorials are very well done and the interface is easy to understand. Best of all, it does what I want it to! And it doesn't hurt that you are priced much lower than most of the others. Keep up the great work, looking forward to working with XMLwriter."
- FB (USA)

"I do want to say that I really enjoy using this product. I find it extremely easy to use and understand. In fact I chose to re-install XMLwriter over Visual InterDev. I think XMLwriter and maybe FrontPage 2000 will be the only tools I'll need for web development. Keep up the good work!!"
- GM (USA)

"I think the product is easy to use and gives the user enough freedom to do what they want. One reason I chose XMLwriter is because it allows editing right in the source view. This is what many people already are used to (Homesite users)."
- MP (USA)

"I think XMLwriter could manage to become that kind of editor, many people from the SGML-community are waiting for. Congratulations!"
- PE (Austria)

"Your editor really blows everything else out there away!"
- AW (USA)

"A useful tool with an easy interface. I'm very happy to use it in order to build my site on books. Each book is in an XML files and converted in HTML with an XSL. With XMLwriter, just a click and all files are there."
- FR (Luxembourg)

"I'm just emailing you guys to tell you your product rocks. I liken it to Homesite only it handles XML better. Better then any other product I've seen to date. Keep up the good work."
- JB (USA)

"I really like the general approach and the configurability. Developing it as a shell for tools to drop in is a great way to do it. I also like the price point for the product. A project for whom I am consulting (pro bono) can't afford to drop US$500 on a fancy editor like XMetaL. XMLwriter gives them everything they need."
- WP (USA)

"I am so happy with your product. I cannot say enough. The think I like the most is the on-line XML guide! While I am writing code, I use it if I forget something."
- MM (USA)

"I really like XMLwriter. You guys have done a great job with this product. I have been recommending it to folks needing an XML editor capability."
- SN (USA)

"Finally I've found a very simple, easy and (in the same time) powerful tool for my job, i.e. write XML document. Continue so!"
- LZ (Italy)

"In many respects, this is one of the best editors for XML, DTD, etc. files. And I have looked at least at 20 programs."
- GB (USA)

"XMLwriter is wonderful. I have quite a lot of experience with Microsoft's DevStudio for writing Windows programs, and XMLwriter is so much like DevStudio in design that it feels almost as if I'm using the same environment for the web."
- SQ (USA)

"I've been evaluating XMLwriter for a few days now, and it definitely beats any of the other editors (especially those that are Java-based). I enjoy the ease of use, and the ease-of-use of the interface."
- CC (USA)

"I think it is great. The interface is neat and uncluttered."
- JS (S.Africa)

"You have one of the best related price/quality product for editing HTML & XML I've found on the WEB. Congratulations."
- VB (France)

"Congratulations on the best XML Editor! Thank you for bundling everything into your software, this is far the best software in the market. Keep up the great work and I look forward to new releases."
- LB (USA)

"I'm evaluating your tool and am very impressed so far. You've done an outstanding job on the user interface."
- TK (USA)

"I must say I was amazed by the professional job you have done. Congratulations!"
- DM (Greece)

"I just want to let you know that I find XMLwriter to be the best and easiest to use XML editor I've tried yet."
- DE (USA)

"This is the most useful XML validation tool I have seen so far. Please, please, continue with future releases."
- TK (USA)

"Continued to be impressed with the product. Keep it coming..."
- AR (USA)

"Great piece of software! I use it every day, it's stable, fast and easy to use."
- BM (Netherlands)

I just wanted to say "well done" on your XMLwriter software...this is a really great tool--bloody marvelous!! I continue to LOVE XMLwriter!
- KB (USA)

Customer Support Comments

"Thanks for the quick response. As always, you guys are on top of things."
- CN (USA)

"I must say, your support has always been of the highest standard. Thanks very much."
- MM (S.Africa)

"Thanks. This is a thorough response. Sadly many vendors avoid answering difficult questions."
- JD (USA)

"I would like to thank you for your support, it enhances the value of your software."
- JB (USA)

"Thanks for the prompt and thorough analysis of the situation. You have a nice product and, apparently, a great support team to back it up. Much appreciated."
- BA (USA)

"Great product! I wanted to put in a good word for your "Exterminator" staff. Their responses have been very timely! Their explanations and instructions clear and easy to follow. They have been very patient with a bug that was plaguing me but was unproducible on their system. Instead of just saying it was my problem not theirs, they continued to research the problem. The final fix was simply updating Microsoft's MSXML on my system. This may not have been a big deal for them, but it has meant a lot to me. You run into such lousy customer service nowadays that this was a pleasant surprise!"
- MW (USA)

"I just wanted to let you know that the information you provided was very useful and gave me a much better understanding of what happens in XML below the surface."
- JB (USA)

"thanks soooo much! your instructions were GREAT!"
- MC (USA)

"Thanks for the incredible fast reaction!"
- TH (Netherlands)

"Thank you very much for your speedy reponse to my cry for help. Everything works fine now. Also thank you for fixing up my XSD, it is a great help to get me started in this area."
- DC (Australia)

"Well guys (or gals)...You did it again! Helpful and prompt replies. Thanks a lot. :) Guess I need to praise XMLwriter (again!)"
- AW (USA)

"Dear Tech Support. It worked perfect. Thanks for the effort and great support."
- BF (USA)

"Many thanks for your outstanding support and *very* clear instructions."
- MR (Germany)

"That worked! I appreciate your prompt response."
- EK (USA)

Thanks for your help. It is good to have such a responsive support system. Well done. :) MUCH better than many others.
- AW (USA)

"Thanks for the answer. What do you mean "Thank you for your patience in this matter."? This was the most amazingly fast turnaround time I have ever gotten from any company's email support!"
- PL (USA)

"Thanks for your prompt response. Very helpful."
- IS (USA)

"Thank you for your instant reply with the solution."
- BB (USA)

"Many thanks for your patience and swift response."
- SE (UK)

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