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User Tools

XMLwriter uses Microsoft's XML parser (MSXML) for validation and XSL transformation. We chose to use the MSXML parser because it is one of the fastest and most robust XML parsers available. There are times however, where it may be preferable to use a different parser perhaps to accommodate design requirements or to experiment with specific parser features. User Tools allows you to do this and more. Configure your favorite XML parser and validate documents with one click. Transform documents with an external XSL engine and capture the results into a new document window. These are just some of the applications of User Tools.

To get you started with User Tools, we have compiled a list of the most popular XML and XSL tools available. We have also included instructions on how to configure XMLwriter to work with them. To add a User Tool, select User Tools from the Tools menu in XMLwriter. This will display the User Tools dialogue box, in which you can define a new User Tool.

More information about User Tools can be found in the XMLwriter Help Manual:

  • On the Help menu in XMLwriter, select Contents.
  • The XMLwriter Help Manual is displayed.
  • In the left pane, select XMLwriter Tutorial > User Tools.

Popular User Tools

Apache FOP
Oracle XDK for C
Oracle XDK for C++
Xalan C++
Xalan Java 2
Xerces C++
Xerces Java 2

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