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Sales FAQ

Purchasing FAQ

Upgrading FAQ

Delivery FAQ

Registration FAQ

General FAQ

Q: Do you offer a student/educational discount?

We offer competitive student/educational discounts on top of our volume discount prices. Please email our sales team to discuss a quote.

Q: Are global/site licenses available?

Normally we do not offer global/site licenses, however, we understand that different organizations have different needs. Please email our sales team if you wish to discuss a site license.

Q: Do you have resellers in my country?

Currently we do not use resellers. All orders are placed via our website. If your company will only order through a reseller we do recommend Software House International. Please click here for their office locations.

Q: My company has a purchase order/invoice sequence. What can I do?

Please click here for instructions.

Q: Can my company purchase your software using an interbank/wire transfer?

Yes. Please click here for instructions.

Q: Can we send a check in any currency?

Yes. Please note that if you do send a check in a currency other than Australian Dollars, an additional $AUD 15 must be added on to the total cost of the purchase in order to cover our bank charges. Please click here for further details.

Q: Can I claim Goods and Services Tax on your software?

Wattle Software does not charge sales tax to customers outside Australia. If you are an Australian customer you will be charged 10% GST. Please note that the "Payment Received Invoice" you will receive once your order is processed will show the total amount of GST included, will be formatted as a tax invoice, and will include all the information required under GST legislation.

Q: Are free upgrades included in the purchase price?

Yes. All maintenance upgrades are free.

For example, if you purchase XMLwriter v2.0 or v2.1 etc, you will be registered as an XMLwriter v2.x customer. This means that any maintenance updates that are released (e.g. v2.2, v2.3,..., v2.9) are included free of charge.

If a major upgrade is released (e.g. XMLwriter v3.x), you will be required to pay a small upgrade fee to upgrade from XMLwriter v2.x to v3.x.

Please Note: A major upgrade is upgrading from v1.x to v2.x, or v2.x to v3.x. Major upgrades include significant new feature additions, and may include changes to the Graphical User Interface. Maintenance upgrades are minor versions that are released between major versions mainly to fix bugs, and include minor new features.

Q: What is the upgrade policy for registered XMLwriter v1.x customers?

Upgrading to v2.x requires a small nominal fee. Please see click here for upgrade pricing.

Q: How is the software sent to me?

XMLwriter is not a shipped product. XMLwriter is only available as a downloadable file from our website, therefore avoiding any delivery delays. To begin using XMLwriter, simply download it from our website and enter your registration details!

Q: I have purchased XMLwriter but have not received a registration key!

Please do not panic.

If an email address is incorrectly entered into the registration form the email is returned to us as undeliverable. If you have not received your key within a few days, please contact our sales team from your primary email address.

Another problem that can occur is related to spam filtering software. Sometimes your email software will place our emails in a spam folder without your knowledge. If you suspect this situation is occurring, please check your spam folder and your spam filtering settings for our emails. Otherwise, please email us with a FAX number if possible. We can then FAX your details and let you know that there is a problem with your email system.

Q: I've lost my registration details. Can you help me?

Yes, please email our sales team and we will resend your registration details. In order to trace your original purchase order, please provide us with as much information as possible such as the email address you are or were using, your name or the name of the person that placed the order, company name (if relevant) etc.

Q: Do I need to renew my registration every year?

No. The only time you need to renew your registration is if you wish to purchase the next major upgrade. For example, if you want to upgrade from XMLwriter v1.x to v2.x a small upgrade fee is required.

Q: How long does the registration last for?

The registration key you purchase does not expire. You can continue to use the version you have purchased for as long as you wish. For example, if you purchase v2.0, you will be registered as an XMLwriter v2.x customer. Your registration key for v2.x (which includes access to v2.0 to v2.9 upgrades) does not expire.

Q: What is a registration name?

Registration names are used to generate a registration key. The registration name and key are then used to unlock the program after the 30-day trial period expires. The registration name you choose will be displayed on your splash screen when you start up XMLwriter (which you can turn off in Options). The registration name is also displayed in the About XMLwriter box (see the Help menu) to identify who the program has been registered to.

Q: What security precautions are taken when transferring credit card details over the Internet?

We use Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) 128-bit encryption to protect your information as it travels across the Internet between your Web browser and Wattle Software. All potentially sensitive information such as your credit card number, address, phone number, and so on is encrypted using the exact same technology that safeguards your private information on any major banking Web site or large Web shopping service. There is no higher-level commercial security technology on the Internet than SSL.

When your browser is in secure mode a padlock icon will be displayed at the top of the browser window.

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