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XMLwriter v2.x Pricing

The following information is for customers who wish to buy the latest version of XMLwriter.

Single License XMLwriter v2.x

Unit Price
in Australian Dollars
Unit Price
in US Dollars*
Support and Maintenance
$AUD 99.00 approx. $USD 75
latest exchange rates

Volume Pricing XMLwriter v2.x

Number of Licenses Volume Discount Cost Per License
in Australian Dollars
Cost Per License
in US Dollars*
Support and Maintenance
1-5 0 % $AUD 99.00 approx. $USD 75
latest exchange rates
6-10 5 % $AUD 94.05 approx. $USD 72
latest exchange rates
11-20 10 % $AUD 89.10 approx. $USD 68
latest exchange rates
21-50 15% $AUD 84.15 approx. $USD 64
latest exchange rates
50+ please email our sales team

Academic Pricing

Please email our sales team to enquire about our competitive academic discount rates.

Support and Maintenance Package

XMLwriter's Support and Maintenance Package is included free of charge with every XMLwriter license you purchase. The package includes:

  • Free Maintenance/Minor Ugrades

    You will receive free maintenance/minor upgrades for the major version of the software that you have purchased. For example, if you purchase XMLwriter v2.x, you are entitled to versions 2.1, 2.2, 2.3, ..., 2.9 free of charge. There is no time limit on this offer!

    Maintenance/minor upgrades include new features and bug fixes.

  • Priority Technical Support

    You will receive a response from our friendly and helpful technical support team within 1-2 business days.

  • Priority Bug Support

    If you experience a software problem, and if our development team can reproduce the error, Wattle Software agrees to use reasonable commercial efforts to correct or provide a usable work-around solution in an upcoming maintenance/minor upgrade.

  • Priority Feature Support

    If you wish to see a specific feature included in XMLwriter, and if our development team agrees that the feature request is feasible, Wattle Software agrees to use reasonable commercial efforts to include the feature in an upcoming maintenance/minor upgrade.

"Just wanted to let you guys know that I am EXTREMELY IMPRESSED with your level of customer service. In a world where no one wants to support what they sell, you guys are TOP DRAWER! I will continue to tell my students to buy XMLwriter instead of XMLSpy in all my XML and JavaXML seminars."
- PL (USA)

"Great piece of software! I've been using it every day in my work since the purchase."
- LP (Finland)

"Thanks for the prompt and thorough analysis of the situation. You have a nice product and, apparently, a great support team to back it up. Much appreciated."
- BA (USA)

"I've been using your product for a few years now and to describe the experience in a few words, you guys rock!!! Your product is worth every penny!"
- BE (USA)

"I would like to thank you for your support, it enhances the value of your software."
- JB (USA)

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